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Ancient Roman Mosaic Revealed In Israel

An aerial view of the main section of an ancient Roman mosaic which was revealed some 13 years after it was first discovered in the ruins of a 4th century AD building,


Mosaic unearthed in Galilee shows Samson carrying the town gates of Gaza on his shoulders. The mosaic was found while excavating the 5th century AD synagogue at the village of Huqoq. Other sections of the mosaic depict several men and an elephant, as wel as a wounded bull and a dead soldier.


Terrance Osborne - Terrance’s favorite piece (and one of ours, too) is a painting entitled From Nothing. “I believe that everything comes from nothing, that nothing is everything. When you fully understand that, you see how beautiful life really is. What's great about the piece is that it's open to universal interpretation and what else do you want as an artist than to create something that everyone can take something from. I love the pieces that I can share.” -


O'zbekiston Respublikasi / Republic of Uzbekistan

Bukhara Blue Tiles, Uzbekistan | Please like and follow @RagDollMagBlog @priscillacita


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