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Bramall Hall, a timber framed Tudor era manor house in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England by perseverando


Africa | Young Jewish girls. Oudjda, Morocco. Dated 1911. || Scanned postcard; photo N Boumendil, publisher Taourirt. No. 32


Speculaas spiced date cookies

Soft & crumbly, studded with succulent dates and flavoured with warming spices. These date cookies are a childhood favourite that all ages will enjoy.


Stuffed Figs with Goat Cheese

Stuffed Figs with Goat Cheese - Recipe for Roasted Sweet Figs with Tangy Goat Cheese and Date Honey


Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City

Workers dig in Delancy Street on New York's Lower East Side in this photo dated July 29, 1908. The historical pictures released online for the first time show New York in the late 19th and early 20th centuries


Arkosic Dead Sea sandstone tablet describes repairs to Solomon's Temple by Joash who reigned about 839-799 b.c.e. and, in accord with this, carbon-14 dating by Israel's Geological Institute, under Shimon Ilani, has authenticated the inscription as being around 2,800 years old.


Christian dating memes. It's true though. -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny memes, relationship truths


Tetragrammaton the 4 letter divine name of God.

Hebrew for the Goyim is one of Jerusalem Connections most popular and original series of articles.Researched by Dr. Pat Hutchens this Hebrew combines her intimate knowledge of Hebrew with study of art theory.Download PDF articles free.


Cochin Jews -They are the oldest group of Jews in India, with possible roots claimed to date to the time of King Solomon. The Cochin Jews settled in the Kingdom of Cochin in South India,now part of the state of Kerala. As early as the 12th century, mention is made of the Black Jews in southern India. The Jewish traveler, Benjamin of Tudela, speaking of Kollam (Quilon) on the Malabar Coast, writes in his Itinerary: "...throughout the island, including all the towns thereof, live several…


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