One time a DJ said, "You may have heard me describe my next guest as a snaggle-toothed singer from Alaska. Jewel, how are you?" To which I replied, "You must be that small-penised man from South Carolina I've heard so much about." I was promptly taken off the air and dismissed from the studio.  Go Jewel. She is so naturally pretty a rarity these days. And her teeth look fine to me.

How Jewel Gave Hollywood Rules the Brush-Off

"Sorry, Haters: My Teeth Don't Need Fixing" by Jewell, such a good article about self acceptance. Oh and my teeth don't need fixing either

Focusing on the Music

I saw her recently play locally and she told her story about being a teen leaving alaska living in her van and the audience must have not fucking liked her in the cuz they all went "aweee so sad" .she literally chose to live that lifestyle.

Jewel was ranked #73 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists list

Jewel (Jewel Kilcher) (May American singer, songwriter, poet and actress.

Jewel lived a hard life before making it big almost two decades ago. The singer's family was poor and lived in a house with no indoor plumbing. She confessed to writing songs while living in a van. "It was really hard for me to ever think that I was special when I was homeless."

A mysterious benefactor on the streets of Vancouver is rewarding random acts of kindness towards those in need this holiday season. A man disguised as a homeless person has been writing cheques for h.

Picking Up the Pieces, which Jewel describes as a "singer-songwriter's record," and one she hopes her influences, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones and mentors, Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard

Jewel Picking Up The Pieces With Autographed CD Digipak


She grew up without indoor plumbing. She overcame many obstacles including being homeless and she never gave up. She has received four Grammy Award nominations and has sold over 27 million albums worldwide

Jewel...Acousitc Guitar Lady...

Jewel - Female Singer/Songwriter and Bullrider Ty Murray's Wife

É tudo de bom %♡

I bet he loves maths because seriously maths symbols


Jewel Kilcher -hear more original compositions and see more performance videos…

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