Jesus, Our Way: The Last Supper by The Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey. Available individually or as part of a set: A4, A3 or A2 sizes, banner and boards.


the Last Supper - MS K.26, one of a sequence of 46 Biblical illustrations (c.1270-80) inserted at the front of a fourteenth-century Psalter (English)


A more accurate depiction of the last supper . Whites might not like this. Why does color matter you ask? Well If color doesnt matter then why is it not ok for "jesus" to be black? Beside the bible says "his hair is like white wool" (blacks are the only ppl with wooly hair) " and his feet are like burnt brass" (Brass is brown/black when burnt) .


Top Ten Most Famous Paintings of the World

The Last Supper - Da Vinci 1448-1449 -One of the most famous paintings done on Fresco - Scene described in John 3:21 when Jesus tells 12 diciples that one will betray him -Windows in the background represent heaven

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