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Check out this #interview of the man behind "Jessie's Dad". #Documentary #IMDb #Film #Films #ChildAbduction #DocumentaryFilm #DocumentaryFilms (Short Synopsis) "From blue-collar beginnings to Capitol Hill … an inspirational #truestory of a grieving father’s quest for justice and his transformation into a formidable child-protection crusader." (Starring) Mark Lunsford (Director) Boaz Dvir. #moviereview #moviereviews #filmreview #filmreviews #dvdreview #dvdreviews

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"Breaking Bad" may have ended in 2013, but interest in the story of Walter White and his dropout partner in crime Jesse Pinkman is still going strong. During its five seasons, "Breaking Bad" won 16 Emmys Awards and broke the Guinness World Record for the most critically acclaimed show of all time, which makes its position on the list not really that surprising. IMDb users seem to agree, giving the series a 9.4 average rating and the No. 4 spot in IMDb’s Top 250 Top Rated TV Shows.