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Jessica Jones! A gritty, character drama filled with top notch performances. Marvel proves they can do a female superhero right. Finished 11/25/15


Jessica Jones : L'affiche finale de la série et une date pour la bande annonce !


A.K.A. Jessica Jones : Les premières images de Luke Cage (tournage) !


Netflix: Here Are the New Movies and TV Shows in November


One of my favorite moments on the show. I loved the surreality of Jessica's fantasy of escape. A great way to show us the reality of how hard she was fighting him every second. She couldn't use her strength so she used the only other weapon she could to stay sane: her imagination.


excuse the language but seriously this is why i want to write superhero novels. I want superheroes who go through crap and have breakdowns but keep fighting and trying to do the right thing anyway. That's what we need right now. Superheroes who are super despite what's dragging them down, superheroes who are desperately trying to overcome their demons, so that they can be a source of hope for people going through similar situations, and show that it's possible. there is hope.--Christina…


It’s not easy to find explicitly feminist TV shows, but this year has definitely offered us some series that come close. As such, here are my favorites from 2015 — they aren’t all perfect in their feminism, but had at least feminist elements and/or subverted your run-of-the-mill malestream media. Enjoy! Jessica Jones Jessica Jones kicks …