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The Ruins of St.Andrews ~ The castle sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands and the adjoining North Sea. There has been a castle standing at the site since the times of Bishop Roger son of the Earl of Leicester.

Holyrood ("Holy Cross") Abbey in Scotland. Reportedly, Robert the Bruce held parliament here. Multiple invading armies damaged the Abbey, which was finally plundered during the Scottish Reformation in Holyrood Abbey - Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, Scotland I think the members of the congregation who are buried here would be appalled to see the state of their beloved cathedral.-built-in 1158

How adorable is this? Scottish Highlander - Homemade costumes for boys.My little Scotch man needs a kilt.

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots <--Oh hey, I visited this place last year on my study abroad trip! Even made friends with a lovely pigeon.

Celtic Cross in Glasgow Cathedral - Scotland - War bellows blazing in scarlet battalions. General order their soldiers to kill. And to fight for a cause they've long ago forgotten.

Abbotsford House, Scotland - historic home of the poet & author, Sir Walter Scott. built by him in the Scottish Borders.

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The beauty of the Scottish highlands is unlike any other place in the world! It is also home to one of the most scenic hikes on earth. On Avenly Lane Travel you will find 28 more of the most STUNNING photos of Scotland!

This beautiful unframed Landscape photo print make a great photography addition to any room or office. Artist: Stewart Parr Title: Hollyrood's Abby ruins in Edinburgh Scotland