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[GIFSET] How Jensen found out they got renewed for Season 12 #Vegascon 2016 #Supernatural || Jensen Ackles || Jared Padalecki #Vegascon16 ...hahahahaha! ^_^

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This is what I hope both my future husband and my's face look like on our wedding!!! Best wedding picture ever! :)

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Danneel's great and you cannot convince me otherwise..I feel like she could knock Jensen down a few notches during an argument :)

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lauren on

They should do an episode where Baby gets turned into a real girl and Danneel plays her. Dean's married to his car, and Jensen is married to Danneel; it would be perfect.

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‟ѕavιng people, нυnтιng тнιngѕ, тнe ғaмιly вυѕιneѕѕ.‟ - | ` | @gabriel.giggles | ` | -

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