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This Is What Happens When You Leave Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Unattended on Set

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8 Songs That Have Been Graced With a Jensen Ackles Cover

If there's one Jensen Ackles fact in particular that every Supernatural fan should know, it's that the actor has a singing voice that's as beautiful as his chiseled face. He positively blew us away with his covers of "Sister Christian" and

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No lie almost started crying.. it's so beautiful <3| Jensen Ackles Singing Asylum 2014 - YouTube

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Gardenias - Capítulo I

I don't ship Destiel OR Cockles (though I can respect those who do), but this was too awesome a picture to pass up. You know you're good friends with a person if you're able to just grab them and kiss them on the cheek without feeling awkward. :p

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You may be cool... but you will never be Jensen Ackles, sitting on top of the Impala, singing "Eye of the Tiger" cool.

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It's Ridiculous How Hot Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Are Together