Jensen Ackles from Supernatural - my muse for Adam in Promise Me Once and Promise Me Forever (You don't know his name until PMF but he was in PMO!)

Team Free Will Is Back Together

A supernatural poster showing main character Dean Winchester as half demon, half Dean. Season nine ends, but season 10 is just beginning.

[gifset] So what kind of hiatus beard do you think we’ll get his year? #JensenAckles

[gifset] So what kind of hiatus beard do you think we’ll get this year? == Jensen's long hair and beard appreciation post.


Jensen Ackles - Fan club album

"Have you seen anything out of the ordinary? Anything... supernatural?" --- Sam and Dean Winchester | Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

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Young Jensen Ackles he is sooooo cute!!!!!

Young Jensen Ackles he is sooooo cute!<< how did he manage to look good in his school photos

I love them all dearly just the way they are, but I gotta admit, Jared's face on Jensen's face is exceeeediingly attractive.

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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins <-- uhhhh, when fandoms get bored? Stuff like this is so random lol<<< this makes me extremely uncomfortable.