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Jennifer Aniston Father

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F•R•I•E•N•D•S Tweets on

Friends - Rachel tells Ross she's pregnant

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'Friends' Stars Speak Out On 'Affair' Claims

Jennifer Aniston Denies Matt LeBlanc Affair, After His Father Claims Friends Stars Enjoyed Romance While She Was Married To Brad Pitt

Actor #John-Aniston (Giannis Anastasakis Born: Greece, July 24, 1933) and actress daughter, #Jennifer-Aniston, Born: February 11, 1969


Jennifer Aniston and John Aniston-John plays victor kiriakis. That's his real life daughter-Jennifer Aniston


rachel & ross ♥ I so miss looking forward to thursday night


LOVE HAPPENS: Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart, Dan Fogler - 2009

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They've still got it! Jennifer Aniston teams up with Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry for hilarious Friends reunion in Ellen promo

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen


25 Jennifer Aniston Facts That Will Impress Your Friends: Jennifer Aniston was born in California, but her father, John Aniston, was Greek, and she spent a year with her family in Greece when she was a child.

Rachel: I just don’t want to be alone tonight. Ross: Ok, well, uh, I can maybe grab a sleeping bag, or...Oh, oh. No, Rach! I’m sorry, I just don’t think this, this, this is a good idea. Rachel: Wait, we won’t know that until we do it, will we? Ross: No, look, uh. You are upset about your father and you’re feeling vulnerable and I just don’t feel it would be right, I’d feel like I’d be, you know, taking advantage of you. Rachel: Taking advantage? I’m giving you the advantage, enjoy!


"Ah-hah! at least we know it's a him." -Phoebe