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Jemima Kirke Kids

Jemima Kirke: Total Parenting Control is Futile

'I once heard someone say that to be a parent is to have your heart live outside your body. I’ve always remembered that analogy.'

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Jemima Kirke on

We're fucking up every 4 secs but at the end of the day I'm doing it on purpose so my kids will be funny. #mothersday

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“I Try To Look At Myself As If I Were A Man Who Was Really Hot For Me”

Jemima Kirke GIRLS Personal Trainer Cadence Dubus | Jemima Kirke cuts through the bullshit on fitness, dieting, and body image. #refinery29

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Jemima Kirke photographed by Pamela Hanson for the June 2013 issue of Vogue - click through to download the issue now.