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Pie and Mash shops unique to the UK, Lovely meat pies with mashed potatoes and green (parsley) Liquor. I have had it delivered from this shop Manze, they deliver all over the UK and it's the original thing. Pie and Mash shops also serve Jellied Eels which is one thing I cannot stand!

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39 Things That Should Never Be Cooked In Clear Jell-O

Cheap and cheerful: Roman Road

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Shakesblogging™: Kit's Devilishy Good Recipes: Jellied Eel

Vintage Kitchen Kitsch on eBay – Stuffed Fish Eyes

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Jellied Eels The name really says it all. This traditional English dish originated in the 18th century, capitalizing on the eel- a nutritious, readily available sea-vermin. Though this dish decreased in popularity (oh my, I wonder why!), it still is eaten in many traditional fine-dining establishments.