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I knew it! lol Most Jehovah's Witnesses bring a note tablet to meetings, to jot down important points to remember.

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You, me and the "great crowd." We can only pray for us all and hope we see it to the end.

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The photo dates from 1957, the horse and buggy from an earlier era. The Kingdom Hall Store was located in Burt St, Boulder, Australia

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Manna Jar: Every time God provides for your family, write down the date and a quick note describing what he has done and add it to your "manna jar." (Exodus 16:31-33) Thanks to Kayla for this idea!

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High quality Metal design with up-to-date text to view your Advance Decision to Refuse Specified Medical Treatment document.

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Baptism Print Keepsake for Jehovah's Witnesses. Theme, Name, Location, Date of Baptism. Perfect Gift. JW by JellyfishPrintables on Etsy

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At pioneer school our instructor said there is $4 in the world & we pass it back & forth depending on who is driving. That kind of dates me!

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