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What a pretty palm tree #clubmember @jacobm10 #jeep #zj #beast #zjmafia #jeepbeef Join the club and Dm/tag us or #zjjeepclub by zj_jeepclub

People always ask "yo what tire pressure you runnin" and the answer is whatever gives a solid contact patch. Over inflating will wear the center tread and the outside tread won't touch the ground. Under inflating will wear the outsides especially on turns. Wheel width affects this. Narrow wheels with wide tires will need to run lower PSI to get full contact. I have 15x8 wheels with 35x12.5 tires. I run 20 psi on the road which gives me full contact and 10 psi off road which gives better…

Ever wonder what it takes to get the perfect shot? @8lug_zj getting you guys a behind the scenes picture of what it takes. #jeep by d.till297