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Jcb Company

Everyone does... everyone wants a friend who will protect their backs when the going gets tough... it may take years and you may never find them in the end... but it's what everyone longs for.


Gallery of Office of RD Construction Company / IND Architects - 15

Completed in 2015 in Moscow, Russia. Images by Alexey Zarodov. The concept of the office for the building contractor RD Construction is based on the followingcatchwords — City, Future, and Innovation. These...


The Queen's nephew Viscount Linley enjoys a holiday in Portofino

The Viscount chatted to friends as he enjoyed a gelato during their jaunt in the Italian beauty spot of Portofino

4 Tech and Finance Companies Rock Out at the Office

See photos of Yelp's sales offices located in San Francisco, designed by design studio O+A. Learn the inspiration behind the unique global marketplace themed floors and hear from Senior Designer at O+A, Michelle Richter.