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A square jaw is when the lower jaw bone’s size is wide and causes a square appearing face. Specifically, the bone beneath the ear can cause a face to appear bigger. Maxillofacial square jaw reduction surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is required to remove the angular jaw line and create a slender V line.

My Story: A College Student’s Botox Jaw Reduction Experience

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Wide Jaw reduction with Botox has amazing results in reducing the square jaws and giving your face a slim and trimmed oval shape. I have undergone this treatment and the results are highly impressive. #肉毒杆菌瘦脸 #瘦脸针 #London

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Seoul (서울특별시)

Focusing on the 3D jaw reduction, the square and protruding jaw are shaved off to form a smoother and elegant facial contour. The curves in the face will never look so slender and in place. The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic is providing an exclusive offer on plastic surgeries, for further information, please send your inquires at

[FAQ] Korea Face Contouring at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea