Jason Statham. Seriously...a mug-like shot without a shirt. He could totally murder someone and I'd be like, "It's okay, he probably had a good reason."

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One of my friends has this theory that you should respect every film a little 1) just for getting made, and 2) because it is someone, somewhere in the world's favourite film. Even the worst film you have ever seen is The Best to some poor sod. In celebration of this diversity I give you a shirtless Jason Statham. I have to watch his films alone as none of my friends can stand him. I usually have limitless cinema buddies, but even my big explosion loving friends draw the line at Crank.

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Jason Statham

Making an entrance: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made a stunning entrance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with Hollywood boyfriend Jason Statham, on Sunday

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