Christian Slater - He was sexy in the 80's...The Heathers era.

Christian Slater - Heathers

Christian Slater - JD in Heathers - the bike, the cigarettes, the voice, the raised eyebrow. were in love with Christian Slater and the "Mean Girls" bumped each other off? Heathers

Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, "Heathers," JD my favorite character! I always like the crazy characters in movies and TV shows. They've always been my favorite characters.

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i love all the animatics and drawings and aesthetics and other things from heathers the musical and the movie and this is great and agh

My favorite part of Dead Girl Walking Reprise

Internal thoughts-Don't sing you're at church, don't sing you're at church, don't sing you're at church, don't sing you're at church.

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Babe that's reserved for Heather Duke. Your place is the kitchen since you're such a no-rust buildup man

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christian slater heathers - cuz my mom and I thought he was adorably confident

J.D.: "The extreme always seems to make an impression." - Heathers

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