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Jaques Derrida

Literary cats;

There are cats and cats. – Denis Diderot Patricia Highsmith with “Ripley” W.H. Auden with “Pangur” “Pangur, white Pangur, How happy we are Alone together, s…

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Jacques Derrida - "The poet�is the man of metaphor: while the philosopher is interested only in the...". philosophy, poetry, derrida

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La deconstrucción de Jaques Derrida para principiantes

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allesistverbunden: The quotation mark from Jaques Derrida’s keyboard. i love it soo much! <3

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Garment of author (Jaques Derrida) 54 x 43 cm. cut-out paper | 2014 #PabloLehmann

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Jaques Derrida's Of Grammatology: 40th Anniversary

Forty years ago, Jacques Derrida's Of Grammatology rocked the world. We discuss the new anniversary edition from Johns Hopkins University Press.