Infographic: how to curse in Japanese.

How to curse in japanese- I never recognised almost all words in any other categoty- except perhaps the food :D

Learn how to swear in Japanes! I am sure you will try Japanese accent while you…

Funny how to swear in Latin list

Funny how to swear in Latin list<<< Imagine if Nico said one of these in the book XD

Ya know, I don't believe I see in the pic where her DNA is mapped out. Who says she doesn't have Japanese in her culture? Who says she doesn't live in Japan? Or that she is not mixed race? Or perhaps her family is part of an exchange program and she had learnt part of another's culture? Judgmental pricks jumping to conclusion from an image that does not provide enough info to support said conclusion.

8 Times Idiots On Tumblr Got Gloriously Corrected

10 ways to say hello in #Japanese

10 ways to say hello in #Japanese

I'm native English speaker but have learnt quite a lot of Spanish over the years...and sometimes I forget English words and can only remember the Spanish translation.

I would lOve to speak multiple languages but I can barely speak English (my native language) so