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During the Japanese occupation of Singapore from 1942-1945, the Mandalay Road Hostel was used for TTSH nursing staff.


Winston Churchill declared the battle of Singapore the worst disaster and largest surrender in British history. Brief overview of the fall and Japanese occupation of Singapore.

3 serving spoons engraved with my Great -Great Grand Uncle's initials TKC...TAN KIM CHING. All that's left after looting during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.

Changi Chapel and Museum Half-Day Tour from Singapore Visit Changi Chapel and Museum with a professional guide in Changi Village, an ethnic Malay community of Singapore. Learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Malays and see what life was like in a mid-century ‘kampung’ (traditional dwelling) before stopping in Tampines New Town. You’ll relive World War II history and appreciate stories of POW heroism during Japanese occupation as well as witness daily life in t...

This is John Sharp of Leicester, England; one of the few POWs of the WW2 to survive such extreme treatment under the Japanese Occupation. Sharp was captured while attempting to escape when being used as slave labour on the Burma-Siam railway. His punishment for being caught was being tortured for three years and two weeks in a Singapore gaol, where he spent twelve months in solitary confinement with little to no food.