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Japanese Hamster Bread.

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I can't stop picturing some baker having to poke a hole in the ass of every single one of these xD


"HOW TO NEEDLE FELT A HAMSTER OR MOUSE" [Japanese] by NGAN LO -- January 5, 2011 -- [12.36 minutes]


Meet the hamster sisters who love eating jelly!

Moco and Latte are the adorable hamster sisters from Japan who love to eat jelly. Video shows the little hamsters eagerly eating clear hydration jelly and have been viewed a combined 000 times.

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, Takahashi. Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, Takahashi Although the castle itself is relatively modest by Japanese castle standards, it is in fine condition (having been extensively repaired by a citizen’s restoration group established in 1929). At 430 metres above sea level, it’s the highest castle in Japan.