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Simple yaki udon recipe from Japan

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Yaki udon

These thick, wheat noodles with mushrooms and cabbage are made for slurping - a lovely low-fat, low-calorie vegetarian supper

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Japanese sesame spinach

Japanese sesame spinach 1 ½ pounds baby spinach, washed 3 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds 2 teaspoons cane sugar or maple syrup 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon soy sauce ½ teaspoon rice vinegar or mirin ½ teaspoon dark sesame oil

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Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki – learn how to make teriyaki sauce and chicken teriyaki that taste like the best Japanese restaurants. So easy and so good |

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Know your Japanese food

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Katsudon by thewoksoflife: Panko breaded pork chop over rice with scallions and egg. #Katsudon #Pork

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Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl with Spinach & Avocado

Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl: A whole healthy delicious meal in a bowl - Salmon, spinach, sushi rice and teriyaki sauce - garnished with avocado and sesame-nori confetti.

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Japanese Rice Balls Onigiri

Onigiri - Japanese rice balls

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Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry

How many of you love to eat at Wagamama's? I know I do. Their food has become so popular but one dish that seems to stand out is their Chicken Katsu Curry. It's crispy breaded chicken served with s...

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A traditional Japanese honey sponge cake - so moist and delicious!

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How to Make the Perfect Sticky Rice …

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Wagamama Chicken Gyoza Recipe

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