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Jiu Wei Hu (Nine-Tail Fox) is a creature spoken of in the ancient Chinese mythological bestiary, the Shan Hai Jing.


Kappa-It’s a little goblin-like creature, frequently referred to as a water monkey.They have a dent in its head that's full of water from its native spring.If the water spills out,it looses its magical powers.Kappas are either good or evil.Kappas love to eat cucumbers.They're known for being polite & always keeping promises. In Japanese folktales there're over a dozen different,types of Kappa.There're different names for one-eyed Kappas,hairy Kappas, cowardly Kappas,&mountain-climbing…


Mujina- Japanese folklore: magical badgers that live in the mountains. They can shapeshift into human form, but can also take the appearance of a noppera-bo; a faceless human. They are very shy and tend to avoid humans as much as possible.


The Jorōgumo is creature from Japanese folklore, depicted as a spider that can change its appearance into that of a beautiful woman. In this form, the Jorōgumo would entice men into a quiet location and begin to play a biwa, a type of Japanese lute. While he is distracted by the sound of the instrument, she binds her victim in silk threads and devours the unsuspecting individual.


Taka-onna- Japanese folklore: an ugly woman that can elongate any part of her body. Origins of Elastigirl from The Incredibles (2004)?


Un hilo rojo invisible conecta a aquellos que están destinados a encontrarse, sin importar la hora , lugar o circunstancia . El hilo se puede estirar o tanle , pero nunca se romperá...