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Japanese lantern lighting ceremony(toro nagashi) is celebrated on the last day of the Bon Festival to guide the spirits of the dead back home.

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BI_Graphics_11 Japanese customs that are shocking to foreigners

11 Japanese customs that are shocking to foreigners

In the mid sugarcane plantations in Hawaii created a unique cultural diaspora of Japanese immigrants, my family included. I loved visiting Japan and am very passionate about Japanese culture.

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Guide to Japanese colors. -- Japan, colors as a social status, kimono color according to the month, traditional color names, Japanese lesson

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The 5 story pagoda on Miyajima island in Japan. Phuket Golf Leisure Co., Ltd. Your Golf in Phuket Specialists.

Chopstick etiquette is no joke! Nobody will judge you if you fumble a bit, but the items listed here are definitely faux pas.

Chopsticks what NOT todo. especially "Shoveling with tamago gohan", "Resting", "skewering" ect. But definitely don't do "Standing" and "Transferring".

Bowing is a big part of Japanese culture. There are many ways, rules, and times to bow. This guide will give you some idea on how to bow, with videos, step by step instructions, and more.

Bowing in Japan

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Ponderation — ponderation: Beautiful Japan by Yasuhiro Kurata

Fabric Shopping In Tokyo - The Money, The Numbers

Fabric Shopping In Tokyo - The Money, The Numbers