20th-century-man: Janet Leigh in a production still from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960)

20th-century-man: Janet Leigh in a production...

PSYCHO - Janet Leigh prepares to shoot the famous hotel love scene with John Gavin - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock - Paramount - Publicity Still.

Actress Janet Leigh (1927-2004) was born in Merced CA and grew up in Stockton CA.

Janet Leigh

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in ‘The Black Shield of Falworth’, 1954

hollywoodlady: “ Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh for The Black Shield of Falworth, 1954 ”

~Janet Leigh~ Quote: Could almost be the only picture on this whole board; it's the most perfect example of that casual 1940s/1950s daily wear style I've seen.

This picture has been attributed to be of Janet Leigh seen wearing brown flats, a green long sleeve T-shirt, a brown thin waist belt, and a beige and white stripe waist-high knee length circle skirt (ca.

Janet Leigh, 1950s  Wife of Tony Curtis & Mother of   Jaime Leigh Curtis! She was the shower victim in psycho! Rek..rek..rek!

Janet Leigh: born Jeanette Helen Morrison in California, “discovered” as a 17 year old by actress Norma Shearer while holidaying at the ski resort where Morrison’s parents worked. Later she would become Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous murder victim in

Janet LeighNo one can forget Leigh’s scream in Psycho. In those days, the audience didn’t know how to react when the lead actress of the movie dies in the first half hour. But Leigh took the risk. She received a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for an Oscar in the same category for the role. Her other notable films were Touch of Evil, The Fog and The Manchurian Candidate.

With Women’s Day around the corner, what can be better than a tribute to Hollywood’s leading ladies in the Golden Era?