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Here, Have a Gin Tonic -

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Swirling Liquids Form Spectacular Macro Artwork

Using a macro lens, UK-based photographer Janet Waters gets up close and personal with all kinds of liquids, bubbles, food dye, and soapy water. Where many artists like to have control of their final product, Waters actually counts on the unpredictable nature of liquids to create her captivating abstract designs.

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Original idea from @Pinterest Creative education for primaries .We can use this in foreign language learning with jungle animals A great way to develop jungle animals in target language.Maths measuring activity plus create a silly poem about animals and which are taller than the children

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Bet You Didn't Know: Secrets Behind the Making of "Poetic Justice"

Janet & Tupac in the movie, "Poetic Justice" // // #babesngents

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°Rocky Horror Picture Show - °Tim Curry in an absolutely outrageous film but it is just so good I can't help myself ;) ... ♪There's a light...♪ ♪!

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