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You know things are bad, when Dean loses his appetite. Dean Winchester. #Supernatural. Jensen Ackles #SPN #Winchesters

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Accurate. <--- I beg to differ *gasp* I mean come on guys VampireDean is way hotter than Edward, so if you look at it the mile only covers maybe his left hand in comparison to Edwards. ( *shrugs* I felt like I needed to say a typical fangirl thing)

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One of the best preserved Georgian streets in London, Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster. Our doors are bespoke and can be made to match the style of period homes

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Are you a True Supernatural Fan

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Which Of The Two "Supernatural" Brothers Is The Hottest?

Listen, we all know that both Dean and Sam Winchester, the demon-fighting brothers at the center of the hit series Supernatural, are total babes. | Which Of The Two "Supernatural" Brothers Is The Hottest?