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Jamie Lee Curtis in John Carpenter's Halloween. Curtis kicked off the popular archetype of the Final Girl in horror movies, who isn't totally feminine and is usually more cautious than other women in the film. This is in stark contrast to her mother, Janet Leigh's role in Psycho, in which her character is killed off in the film's first act.


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Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween Playing hapless babysitter Laurie Strode, Curtis is the original half-dressed damsel in distress — and the yardstick by which all horror actresses are still measured. Jamie didn't earn the nicknames "The Scream Queen" and "The Body" for nothin'.


This low-budget, tongue-in-cheek horror film of the slasher genre -- which had recently been popularized by Halloween (1978) -- stars that film's lead, Jamie Lee Curtis, as Kim Hammond, a prom queen who becomes a scream queen. Six years ago, a little girl was taunted by four classmates and fell to her death from an abandoned schoolhouse. The quartet of kids promised to keep their complicity in the accident a secret. Now it's their prom night and they've got the jitters because the...

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Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) American actress and author from Santa Monica, California.