James Spader..a teacher I had in hs looked EXACTLY like him, but with silver glasses. My poor chick boner.  Guh.

A young James Spader.but some of you know him as "Red" from The Blacklist 😍

James Spader in Stargate. A small group of US troups and an Egyptologist use an ancient device found in 1920s Egypt to transport themselves to a distant planet. There they discover .. err, well any more plot would be considered a spoiler

James Spader Dr Daniel Jackson Stars In Lionsgate Home Entertainments Stargate Th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray Stargate

Kurt Russell & James Spader in Stargate

Kurt Russell & James Spader in Stargate I actually enjoyed the movie a lot, despite all the differences between it and

James Spader

My brother Keith? Dead ringer for this guy James Spader.

James Spader, you get better with age.  HMMMMMM.

James was born on in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as James Todd Spader. He is an actor, known for Boston Legal Stargate Lincoln and Secretary


13 Reasons James Spader Is The Baddest Bad Boy Ever. I kind of really love James Spader.

Stargate - James Spader & Mili Avital


Stargate coming back to life with film trilogy reboot <--not sure how i feel about this<---- bring back the good stuff and forget universe! bring back ATLANTIS!