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James cooke great britain

Treacle tart

Treacle tart. Old traditional English dessert. I used to have it all the time growing up. One of my favorites.

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George III - Inherited the throne from his grandfather George II. The son of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. He reigned from 1760 to 1820, although his son ruled as his regent during his lapses into madness. He was well-loved by the people. During his reign, Britain lost the American War of Independence.

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Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire, England The Roseberry area has been inhabited for thousands of years and the hill has long attracted attention for its distinctive shape.The hill was held in special regard by the Vikings who settled in Cleveland during the early medieval period. They gave Roseberry Topping its present name. In 1736, the explorer James Cook's family moved to Airey Holme Farm at nearby Great Ayton. When he had time off from working on the farm with his father, young James…

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I didnt add the salt into this as recipe as I wanted to keep sweet. I would also advise that you use good quality butter, as this makes the shortbread even more yummy!!

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Fish And Chip Pie Is A Real Thing And You Can Buy It

It’s made up of three layers. | Fish And Chip Pie Is A Real Thing And You Can Buy It

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