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James Cooke Great Britain

from BBC Food

Salted caramel millionaire’s shortbread

I didnt add the salt into this as recipe as I wanted to keep sweet. I would also advise that you use good quality butter, as this makes the shortbread even more yummy!!


Portrait of Captain James Cook (1728-79), circa 1776, by Nathaniel Dance. "Captain Cook... is wearing captain's full-dress uniform, 1774-87, consisting of a navy blue jacket, white waistcoat with gold braid and gold buttons and white breeches. He wears a grey wig or his own hair powdered. He holds his own chart of the Southern Ocean on the table and his right hand points to the east coast of Australia on it." - National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

from The Library Time Machine

Portobello Road in the 50s

Portobello Road, A great place to try and find the other half to the book that contains the final spell for you to become a witch with your three war evacuee children and your flying bed. Yeah?

from Jamie Oliver

Breakfast couscous

Get the perfect start to the day with this healthy, high protein breakfast of couscous, raisins, silvered almonds, pine nuts and pistachios in warm milk.