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SNORING AROUND THE WORLD This one is harder to practice than most international sounds, because you have to be unconscious to do it. But I think if you try hard enough you probably could. The french one includes the sounds for inhaling (RON) and exhaling (PCHI).I have a great amount of respect for any language that put that much thought into the sound snoring makes. twitter shop


Why isn’t there a English elephant sound! This is a new page from the Soundimals Book.There a even more new animals in there and loads of new sounds!And it’s available for special pre-order price of £5  twitter | facebook | instagram | shop

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Lily James amps up the glamour in sheer gown at Golden Globes


Fun fact: ‘Mor’ is also the Romanian word for death, so they are extra terrifying.And there’s a k-pop song about growling to help you pronounce UH REU REONG This is a page from the Soundimals book, of which there are less than 100 copies left! So if you want one for Christmas, don’t delayyyy. It’s for sale here. twitter | facebook | instagram | shop