It's giveaway time! With sandal weather RIGHT around the corner, I have TOO many Pedi Packs! I think it's time to spoil 7 lucky people! Click the link below to enter. (It only takes 30 seconds) Yes, I'm serious! These are 100% free to the lucky winners! No purchase necessary!

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Here are some basic instructions for applying your Jam' Pedi! Remember you can get 2 Pedi's out of your full sheet! Order now at

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Have a job where you can't do anything to your fingernails? You can make a sheet of Jamberry wraps into nothing but pedicures! And this is the perfect time of year to show off those fashionable toes. Get yours here:

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Super Easy Pedicure Application! Do Jamberry pedicures intimidate you?? Check out this video to see how easy it really is! :) #jamberry #pedicure #nailart

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