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Jamaican Patties....a good friend of mine was born in Jamaica and she brought these once to a party and I fell in love instantly...amazing!


Handmade crochet dress 02 Jamaican Rasta colors

Handmade Cotton Crochet Summer Dress Jamican rasta colors. Crochet can stretch reasonably and there is a band to tie and adjust it right below the


This statue known as ‘Redemption Song’ is located at Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica, which was constructed in July 2002 . The work is symbolic of the emancipation of Jamaicans from slavery in 1838. It was done by a Jamaican artist, Laura Facey Cooper, and was considered controversial by many Jamaicans because they believed it promoted nudity


Bob Marley: Coolest dad at my prep school

Jamaican musicians Bob & Rita Marley and family. -Jamaican families are tightly woven together like a knit. If you are unkind to one member of the family, the rest of the family empathizes. Even though a child may embark on a new life as a wife or husband, the families still preside over their interests and well-being.


Albert Minott of The Jolly Boys at Willow Wind Bar, Port Antonio, Jamaica. Photo by Cedric Angeles. Once an outpost of international glamour, Port Antonio is now getting its groove back. The Jolly Boys, one of the island's oldest bands, were there at the start. Patrick Neate joins them for rum, reggae and reminiscences. Visit


How to make a delightful Ital soup as it's done in the Caribbean. Ital cooking is one rich in natural ingredients and very hearty without the use of meat or salt. So this rich Caribbean soup will be a delight for vegetarians and Rastafarians alike. Ital is vital!