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US Economy Clinging to Life As Public Debt Nears $20 Trillion - The question isn’t if the US economy will collapse, rather it is when the US economy will collapse. Wake-up!

Jamaica teeters on an economic precipice after years of stagnation

While many previously buoyant island states across the Caribbean are now struggling, Jamaica’s crisis is the deepest. Virtually every Jamaican is feeling the impact of a protracted economic stagnation and the austerity imposed by an IMF bailout earlier this year. Even a tropic storm could be enough to push the economy over the edge.

Life and Debt [DVD] DVD ~ former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley,

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Mr. Manley Destroyed a Vibrant Jamaican Economy | The Jamaican Blogs

Excerpt of the explosive lecture presentation by Master Amaru Ka'Re hosted at the Marcus Garvey Museum in Kingston, organized by ANNUJAH. Uncover the lies about our history and discover the TRUTH about how the government and economy were setup to work against us: The so-called Arawaks are fake Columbus was a mass-murderering theif The "Slave Trade" was actually a Race War Jamaican Citizens are legally British property Christianity is a psychological weapon Queen Elizabeth II owns the Gov