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In some dessert countries hibiscus tea is used to help maintain a normal body temperature & encourage fluid balance. Because of the high amounts of antioxidants, it greatly lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, promotes proper circulation & also decreases the chances of developing heart disorders. As hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, it helps in boosting the immune system & can also help in weight loss. #dherbs #healthtips


Jamaican Lager- Red Stripe is Jamaican for beer. Commonly ordered as; Gimme ah hat beer! That's means Red Stripe at room temperature. Ah so it go!


The World's Sexiest Beaches You Need To Visit

Jamaican Beaches! Wonderful sand. Heavenly warm water. Jamaica's averages yearly temperature is 20-25 C.


Pamela Bernier Models Chic Tropical Style for ELLE Canada

The June 2016 issue of ELLE Canada heads to Jamaica for this fashion editorial starring model Pamela Bernier. Photographed by Max Abadian


Fused Glass Sea anemone

iridescent glass is cut into strips and fused at temperatures of 720 celcius to make this beautiful piece of wall art. Mounted on 450mm x 450mm clear acrylic with invisible wall fixings it appears to float on your wall and shimmers in the changing li...

Britain to roast in heatwave hotter than Rio, Ibiza and Jamaica

Năm 2016 sẽ là năm nắng nóng nhất trong hơn 1 thế kỷ qua? ~ Dịch vụ vệ sinh Minh Thùy