I always used to make these jam drops with my mum when I was little. They're the yummiest things ever!

Jam Drops

The easiest and yummiest Jam Drops recipe you'll ever make! Fill with your favourite jam for an extra delicious treat or the perfect lunchbox filler!

A sweetheart twist on the ever popular jam drop! Simple enough to bake with kids.

Sweetheart Jam Drops

Think I might just have to make these today... and then enjoy with a pot of perfectly brewed Assam :D

Jam drops - try different coloured jam and marmalade for a fun traffic light effect. for 2 biscuits.

These Raspberry Coconut Bars are super simple to make and with their shortbread base, raspberry jam middle and dessicated coconut topping, they are a combination of sweet, crunchy and tart in one portable dessert!

Raspberry Coconut Bars

Raspberry Coconut Bars shortbread base: butter, 1 ¾ cups plain flour cornflour icing sugar Pinch of salt ½tsp vanilla extract For the topping: jar of raspberry jam ½ cup - ⅔ cup desiccated coconut



Country Cleaver - Cookin' My Way Back to the Country

Biscoff Mug Cake

Shavuos Salt Vase - Crafts - Jewish Kids Solely need a transparent plastic cup, colored chalk, liquid glue, salt and a disposable bowl.

Jam Drop Biscuits with Burnt Fig Jam

Maggie Beers Jam Drop Biscuits with Burnt Fig Jam unsalted butter cup caster sugar 1 tspn vanilla essence plain flour 1 tspn baking powder 2 tspn milk Burnt Fig Jam

These shortbread cookies with jam are easy to make, in just 25 minutes total. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness with a drop of chewy jam in the middle. They are simply to die for.

Shortbread Cookies with Jam: These cookies taste super, melt in your mouth, have a drop of chewy jam in the middle, and can be made in 25 minutes or even less.

Jam Drop Biscuits

Jam Drop Biscuits - Real Recipes from Mums