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Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar, Silverburst. It looks similar to Jake Pitts's guitar...

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тogєтнєя ωє ωιll sєт тнιs ωoяld oи ғιяє ♡ @badassqueen107

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Jake Pitts and Andy Biersack. I love this pic, ive repinned it a few times! Love their friendships in bvb!

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Oh yeah that's true, Austin Carlile was the one who chose me. I didn't choose him.

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Patrick Stump is forever my favorite person...tied with Austin Carlile, jake Pitts, Tony Perry, Alan Ashby, Andy Beirsack, Josh Ramsay, Vic Fuentes, JK ROwling, Jaime Preciado, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley, Cassandra Clare etc etc etc

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a.k.a. Andy Biersack, CC, Ashley Purdy, Jinxx, Jake Pitts, Ronnie Radke, Jacky Vicent, Ryan Seaman, Derek jones, Kellin Quinn, Oli Skyes, Cody Carson

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They just need to add ronnie radke, Mitch lucker, and Jake Pitts and it's perfect

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Holly :3 on

Day 27:Favorite member-All of them, I love them all for a different reason so I don't have one favorite =)

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