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Helena G. Wells

One of my favorite actors (jaime murray) as one of my favorite authors (h.g. wells) fangirls everywhere constantly drop dead. thanks for that... <3

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David Suchet on being Agatha Christie's most endearing detective

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Her name was Adelaide, an Unseelie that Ciaran could not help but fall for. She was fire and ice thrown together in a flurry of emotion and perfect poise. She was a contradictory creature; gentle as the healer she played as, and yet as unpredictable as the winds she could control. Much of that was passed onto the daughter she gave birth to, though the young changeling would never know growing up. (Jaime Murray as Stahma Tarr)

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Once Upon a Time: Yep, Defiance's Jaime Murray Is Playing [Spoiler]

Once Upon Time Jaime Murray