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Jacob Wetterling

Jacob Wetterling: Remains of missing Minnesota boy found authorities say

Man Confesses to Sexually Assaulting and Murdering Missing 11-Year-Old But WON’T Be Charged


If you lived in Minnesota 27 years ago, the Jacob Wetterling story is seared into your mind. The reality of the unbelievable abduction and disappearance of a boy riding his bike is one that we have never forgotten. His disappearance is part of the collective story of our state and we all held our breath--and hoped--for his safe return one day. As we learned today, his remains have finally been found. We pray for peace & closure for his family. Jacob you are loved!!!!!!!


Remains of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, abducted in 1989, are found

Remains found in central Minnesota in recent days are those of Jacob Wetterling…

The remains of Jacob Wetterling have been found, according to his…

Timeline of events in Jacob Wetterling abduction


PAYNESVILLE, Minn.—A steady stream of people stopped Monday alongside a road near Paynesville, overlooking a farm pasture where the remains of Jacob Wetterling were found. Flowers were left at the site as community members paid their respects.


JACOB WETTERLING | Oct/30/15 Sack Cartoon