I love his eyes... I have literally no idea how to describe them

Hi I'm dil howlter. My dads are Dan and Phil! I'm single. [ "Hey I'm Jacob I'm 14 and single I love the Internet~Jacob", "I'm Jacob 15 and single

This is Jacob he's 14 yrs old and is a muser and singer I've only started to really like him now but that's because of his new song all my friends❤️ this is one of thousands of pictures yet to come of Jacob❤️

Hey guys I'm Jacob Sartorius. I love to sing, make videos, and meeting my fans;) *smiles* I'm I'm single and looking so intro? [ "Hey guys I'm Jacob Sart

Image de amazing, beautiful, and heart

Image de amazing, beautiful, and heart aww he loves me haha I love him 2

Awwwww this is so cute!My dog fell in love too!

He is so cute! His smile is so gentle and perfect❤️

My baby Jacob Sartorius

My baby Jacob Sartorius [ "My baby Jacob Sartorius [] # Future", "Jacob WORKS those glasses! (And everything else he wears)", "Jacob- \"duet with Kenda

Cutest thing ever

Jacob- "wanna come over to my house and practice our duet Kendall?" I smile

Jacob Sartorius on

Embedded image [ "Embedded image real men wear pink [ \"Jacob Sartorius may just be 13 years old, but homeboy simply can’t keep away from the drama.

Jacob Sartorius having a smoothie...

Jacob Sartorius Height Weight Body Statistics

Jacob Sartorius having a smoothie. [ "Jacob Sartorius having a smoothie. [ \"Jacob Sartorius Height Weight Body Statistics - Healthy Celeb\", \"For plz use

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius


Jacob Sartorius on

[ jacob sartorius ] "hi. im jacob. im 15 and single. you maybe know me from magcon. i like to hang out with friends and joke around. im kinda a flirt but i dont lead girls on. may is one of my best friends.