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I have a great internet friend who is amazing & she's the best I do have a couple really great real life friends though

Why are you always on your computer?

Not real, but part of me is like if only. The other is like noooo Their in cute relationships let them beeeee

Consider me speechless. Septplier fans, your fate has been restored and Pewds fans.

(Image courtesy of Cassandra Calin)

(Image courtesy of Cassandra Calin) oh wow, so me! I'm not dieting; just trying to eat healthy and not eat buckets of sugar!

Mark is the bestest friend Sean could have  (NoIdontshipitbecausefuckseptiplier)

The guy before me said "fuck septiplier" but u are entitled to ur own opinion it's just that ur opinion is completely wrong! So in that case, fuck you and everything you ever loved!

It's All A Mis-Senpai-Standing | Septiplier,Tythan by Mooshrom45.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Excuse my horrible pun of a title. If you don't get it, it's "misunderstanding." It's All A Mis-Senpai-Standing