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A block away from where I live stands the Hotel Cecil. A tall, tower-like complex with a history almost as sordid as the one that haunts the Tower of London. Hotel Cecil has always been known as the place where serial killer Richard Ramirez, aka The Nightstalker, lived for some time. The hotel also housed another serial killer whose victims were all prostitutes. The cold-blooded Austrian serial killer, Jack Unterweger. T

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Johann "Jack" Unterweger (16 August 1950 – 29 June 1994) was an Austrian serial killer who murdered prostitutes with their own underwear in several countries. First convicted of a 1974 murder, he was released in 1990 due in part to a campaign by intellectuals and politicians, who regarded Unterweger as an example of rehabilitation. He became a journalist and minor celebrity, but within months started killing again. He committed suicide following a conviction for several murders.

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5 Real Murderers More Terrifying Than Any Horror Movie

#4. Johann "Jack" Unterweger -- The Underwear-Strangling Wordsmith Via Jack Unterweger was born in Aust...

Johann "Jack" Unterweger -- playwright, bon vivant, globetrotting serial murderer and clearly no slave to fashion.