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You have no idea how many times doctors told me the same thing.


21 Times LGBT People Hilariously Shut Down Homophobia

When this quandary had a variation of responses. | 21 Times LGBT People Hilariously Shut Down Homophobia


What's your #skin telling you about your #health? Did you know that regular massages help your lymphatic system and immune system work better? Come in for a massage with @Tricia Falmer Kleinheider Massage in Issaquah today.


My nightmare on the pill

#Therapy #NHS My nightmare on the pill Instead, I was prescribed a high dose of beta blockers, used to treat anxiety, and it was recommended that I should undergo cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I lived like this for somewhere between six and eight months - I can't tell you exactly ...

Soooo glad my IUD put a stop to that #bloody (har har.. #pun definitely intended!) mess! #period


We need to support all choices. I've been there and was told absolutely not for the same reason. Pissed wasn't even the start of how angry I was.


It felt like a Pap smear, which is something nearly every woman has gone through. Uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Read More »

#IUD #PregnancyLawsuit Claims Contend Pregnancy Complications Such As Harmful Infections, #EctopicPregnancies, Miscarriages, And The Death Of The Baby.