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Iud coil

IUD (intrauterine device) - featured in my latest post at

IUDS, implants may be best birth control for women with diabetes

Holding an IUD birth control copper coil device in hand, used for contraception - front view

The IUD coil may help in womb cancer treatment - Health News - NHS Choices

What Women Need To Know About Essure, From Erin Brockovich (VIDEO)

Is the IUD Essure harmful to women? Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich explains that this product is almost like a corkscrew -- when it's inserted into the fallopian tube, and scar tissue adheres around it.

Mirena Led to Miscarriage, Hysterectomy

Mirena Led to Miscarriage, Hysterectomy -Mirena lawsuits claim that Bayer, the Mirena manufacturer, failed to warn women that the device had the risk of spontaneous migration. Instead, Bayer warned that migration could only occur with Mirena uterine perforation upon insertion of the IUD. In other words, Bayer is trying to blame the physician. For many women who may never be able to have children again after the Mirena was removed, Bayer’s explanation just adds insult to injury.

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