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The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington.

Bhakti Yoga Society Kirtan @ IU University and The Tuff Tones (Reggae) S...

Hare Krishna Kirtan by the Bhakti Yoga Society and Reggae Concert by The Tuff Tones featuring Sakshi Zion and Iuri Santos.

For when K has kids :)

For my hubby since he loves IU -Indiana University Burp Cloth hahaha

Wooden State of Indiana with IU logo by CampgroundProduction

Wooden State of Indiana with IU logo

Handcrafted wooden state of Indiana with IU logo made from pallet wood. Dimensions approximately inches. The products displayed on

The Arboretum at IU. easy to see why we're ranked 15th most beautiful college campus in the US :)

Bean: Strolling through campus on a sunny, fall day. The Arboretum, Indiana University

Congratulations Miami University #34 On The Top 100 Best And Most Collaborative U.S. Colleges #MiamiOH

A fun infographic about the most collaborative U. colleges --> The Huffington Post ranks Indiana University the large school ( overall) on its list of the nation's top 100 best and most collaborative colleges!

Indiana Low-Top ~ IU ~ “The Sole of every Hoosier Fan”. For Indiana University fans everywhere, whether you are walking on Kirkwood, hanging at Tailgate Fields, late night at Kilroys, cheering at Assembly Hall, or just showing off your Red and White Hoosier kicks! SKICKS hi top and low top sneakers are designed for total comfort and distinct Hoosier style! Featuring the Hoosier logo, our shoes are made with high quality canvas, breathable vent holes, comfy foam pad insole, and awesome custom…

Indiana Low-Top ~ IU ~ “The Sole of every Hoosier Fan”. For Indiana University…