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Apply to clean skin and coat, massage and pat dry. Useful to restore skin pH, soothe itchy skin, calm rashes and welts, and has some added benefits for keeping biting flies, fleas and gnats at bay.


Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme Treatment 4 Ounces by Derma-E. Save 45 Off!. $7.55. 4 Ounces Cream. Serving Size:. This rich, soothing crme with unlimited uses combines 5% Tea Tree Oil and 3,000 I.U. of Vitamin E with other synergistic herbs, vitamins and natural oils. Its antiseptic properties make it perfect to treat many conditions including blemishes, fungal infections, sunburn, dry skin, rashes, and dermatitis. It soothes itchy bug bites and also works as a natural insect ...

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Suddenly Allergic

Contact Dermatitis It can happen quickly, innocently. A rash or itchy skin that appears out of the blue and suddenly, you’re allergic.

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6 Reasons Your Butt Is Red and Itchy

6 Reasons Your Butt Is Red and Itchy

Home Remedy for Itchy Foot...One can treat itchy feet at home by applying white vinegar to the affected feet. Water mixed with small amounts of rosemary essential oils or peppermint and apply to itchy area helps in healing itchy feet lesions or blisters. Foot massage or bath of the same kind helps in the effective treatment for itchy feet. One may also use hydrogen peroxide which shall help restrict the occurrence of any kind of bacterial or fungal infection...

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Mini Organic Lotion Bars (Herbal ~ Calendula Infused)

Simple & Organic Mini Lotion Bars (Herbal ~ Calendula Infused) Let's make our skin happy :) Smells delicious and moisturizes & speeds up healing of: ~dry & itchy winter skin ~eczema, psoriasis ~rashes, bug bites, booboos, burns and minor infections ~dull, no glow skin

Itchy Dark Marks Appeared on Her Body and Made Her Living Hell for 7 Years. Itchy Dark Marks Appeared on Her Body and Made Her Living Hell for 7 Years. Urticarial vasculitis is a generally uncommon immune system issue influencing the skin and described by irritation of little veins which causes wheals or hives and red patches. As a type of cutaneous vasculitis this issue is grouped into three subtypes specifically: Normocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis (NUV) Hypocomplementemic urticarial…