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Itchy Lower Legs

Do You Get this Leg Rash Walking in Hot Weather?

Do You Get this Leg Rash Walking in Hot Weather?: Leg Heat Rash - Golfer's Vasculitis


Chronic venous insufficiency is caused by reflux in the venous system of the lower leg. The skin can become dry, brawny, red, discolored or an ulcer may form.

Itchy Skin on My Lower Legs

Itchy skin on your lower legs can be near torture. There are many possible causes. Your doctor can help rule out many of them. You may need to see a...

Cure for Itchy Legs

I have…this friend. Every winter, this friend is afflicted with itchy calves and shins. Not hands, not arms, not the body…just the lower part of her legs. The itching is very uncomforta…

Benefits & Side Effects of Horsetail Extract


8 Exercises to Target Your Lower Abs

Traditional core exercises, like crunches or bicycle, are great for sculpting your upper abdominals and obliques. But they barely touch those pesky lower abs, making toning this trouble spot quite a challenge for most of us. If you want to really flatten and sculpt your belly, you have to make sure …