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Itchy Lower Legs

Flea bites usually occur around the ankles and lower legs. The small bites can be maddeningly itchy and difficult to not scratch. If you are suffering...


Itchy skin on your lower legs can be near torture. There are many possible causes. Your doctor can help rule out many of them. You may need to see a...

The 4 ways to tell if you have venous insufficiency. 1. The most obvious symptom- unsightly spider veins or bulging veins in the leg. 2.Recurrent ankle swelling. 3.Chronic skin damage in the lower leg and ankle. 4. Or your legs just feel bad: including eg pain, heaviness and fatigue, itchy legs, night cramps and restless leg syndrome. Typically they are worse after prolonged standing or sitting and often improved after elevating your legs. visit

Chronic venous insufficiency is caused by reflux in the venous system of the lower leg. The skin can become dry, brawny, red, discolored or an ulcer may form.

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