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Italian Rainbow Cookies

Italian Rainbow Cookies. Easy to alter to suit any theme e.g. three shades of blue/pink for a baby shower, colours of a flag or colours to suit the holiday

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The Best Italian Ribbon Cookies Recipe

This delicious recipe for traditional Italian rainbow cookies, also called ribbon, Venetian or 7-layer cookies, is the perfect holiday cookie recipe.

italian rainbow cookies

An Italian bakery classic you can now enjoy making at home. These rainbow cookies are loved by kids and adults alike. Get the recipe for this festive holiday cookie at In Jennie's Kitchen.

The Italian Rainbow Cookies makes a great holiday cookie that will brighten up any Christmas cookie tray. It not only looks festive, it tastes delicious. Here are 10 easy steps for a delicious rainbow cookie.

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Rainbow cookie cake

Christmas is the season for magical sweet creations. This rich, colorful, chocolate-drenched cake is a must-have on any holiday table.

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